..From The Presidents desk…..

I accept the glory and pride to be elected as President of ECMO Society of India. From the core of my heart I want to spread knowledge and awareness about ECMO to practising physicians and to the common people of this country and abroad. Teaching and research is another area we should concentrate even more to get recognition of our society in international platform . Thinking and speaking about ECMO to our immediate surroundings is also necessary to penetrate the masses. We are fortunate enough to serve mankind with such beautiful trusted technology. Let’s make it our faith and awake dream by independant research and education.

Important Notices

  • ECMO Society of India has introduced a new fellowship and certification course starting this november.For more details, please click here or go to https://www.esoi-courses.com
  • Any Courses other than the ones mentioned above are not acknowledged ,affiliated or endorsed by ECMO Society of India.
  • We, the teachers of ECMO Society of India courses are not affiliated with any other courses conducted by other external organisations.