..From The Presidents desk…..

Dear friends, I accept this opportunity as president of ECMO Society of India to improve the awareness about ECMO, spread the knowledge by teaching, help to bring the costs down and develop a vision for the tertiary care facilities in the country.

Let us work together….. Dr Suneel Pooboni

Important Notices

  • ECMO Society of India has introduced a new fellowship and certification course starting this november.For more details, please click here or go to https://www.esoi-courses.com
  • Any Courses other than the ones mentioned above are not acknowledged ,affiliated or endorsed by ECMO Society of India.
  • We, the teachers of ECMO Society of India courses are not affiliated with any other courses conducted by other external organisations.

20th National Conference of Pediatric Intensive Care (NCPIC 2018)

 “Dear friends, A Pediatric ECMO workshop will be organised on 15th Nov 2018 at Kovai Medical Centre in connection with the Annual Conference of Pediatric Intensive care chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics. Please see the enclosed details. Total number of seats 30. Please hurry up”  Prof. Dr. Suneel Pooboni